Upgraded Spinning Bike Home Fitness Equipment Indoor Silent Bicycle,Basic Sports Bike,Red


More simple and stylish design.Resistance adjustment is converted to numerical value, and 8-level resistance is more intuitive.

Work out for 15 minutes a day even as watching TV, listening to music or chatting. 15 minutes of exercise is equivalent to skipping for 30 minutes, swimming for 45 minutes,jogging for 1 hour.



Color: green

Packing size: 40 x 9 x 36inch

Product expansion: 55 x19.7x 48inch

Weight:79.4 lb

Maximum load: 330lb

Material: PU Saddle, Aluminum alloy Pedals, Steel Frame


Exercise bike use precautions

1. The seat will have to not be too high to prevent the ride from being hip and waist discomfort.

2. When riding a bicycle, you will have to sit down on the right side and apply even force on both legs to prevent over the top force on one side.

3. It’s best for women not to exercise vigorously all the way through menstruation.

4. When the car is long, please be aware of changing the riding position.

5. At first of contact with the speed-changing car market, the speed will have to not be too fast, and the time will have to not be too long, and then adjust after the body adapts.



1. Please check if the bolts on the equipment are locked before use.

2. Do not expose the equipment to moisture to keep away from malfunction.

3. Please wear sportswear and sneakers before exercise and do a little warm-up exercises to keep away from sports injuries.

4. Special groups please consult a doctor before exercising.



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