True Fitness PS800 Treadmill Low Mileage

It is OEM not aftermarket!!!
Please check compatibility options in description.



The True PS800 treadmill carries a huge and powerful motor with 4 horsepower continuous duty. Consider that! This only means that no matter how rigorous your workout is or how fast of a runner you are, the machine can accommodate even your toughest and most conscientious running performances.

One noticeable feature of this machine is its tread belt that provides you with a large enough running surface for comfort and ease of exercise. Moreover, the orthopedic belt prevents impacts on your back, joints, and knees, providing you a protected and comfortable running experience.

Along with this, another safety feature of the treadmill is the True Soft System technology that correctly and effectively absorbs shock right through every stride. This works by providing a soft landing surface for your feet right through have an effect on and then transitioning to a firmer one right through push off.

Manufactured with high-quality parts and components, the PS800 treadmill offers power, durability, and long-lasting use. Combined with its excellent service and long warranties, you’ll guarantee years and years of heavy use.

In case you are trying to get a high-end exercising machine that has everything that you wish to have, the True PS800 treadmill is something you will have to definitely look at. It is made with commercial grade materials and high-quality parts, designed with advanced systems and technology, and offer long-lasting performance for your fitness goals. The True PS800 treadmill is definitely recommended.


True Soft System and True Soft Select system
Orthopedic belt and reversible deck
7″ single window custom LCD
Contact heart rate monitoring
Polar compatible wireless heart rate monitoring
HRC cruise control
1 target HRC, 1 interval HRC
8 preset workout programs
Large straddle covers
7″ Single Window Custom LCD Display
Protective dipped foam flared handrails
It is OEM not aftermarket!!!
Please check compatibility options in description.


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