Life Fitness Motor Control Board 110v Controller $100 Core Cred Works 95T 95Ti 93T 97T

Part #: AK65-00071-0007/GK58-00002-0118
Model: A080-92343-0000
It is OEM not aftermarket!!!


Send us your burned out board and get $one hundred back, please indicate within the notes at checkout in case you are enrolling so we will include 
a prepaid return label. $599 net.

Example of boards in pics.  Color of PCB doesn’t matter.
Then again, these boards have P17 Jumper and P10 Incline Sensor , see last pic for main points.

About This Board:

Refurbished, tested, 90 day Warranty

OEM# GK65-00002-0018 or GK65-2-18 or AK65-00071-0007
Board Nomenclature A080-92343-0000 Rev B

This part can be utilized at the following model(s).

LifeFitness – 93T_THI100000
LifeFitness – 93T_TSB100000
LifeFitness – 93T_TTL100000
LifeFitness – 93T_TTW_93T-0101-08_UP
LifeFitness – 95T_CLST100000
LifeFitness – 95T_TCT100000_SST100000
LifeFitness – 95T_TET100000_Elevation
LifeFitness – 95T_TSF100000
LifeFitness – 95T_TSS100000
LifeFitness – 95T_TWM100000
LifeFitness – 95T_TWT100000-1 08898_Elevation
LifeFitness – 95T_TWT108899-UP_Elevation
LifeFitness – 97T_TDT100000
LifeFitness – 97T_TST100000
LifeFitness – 97T_TSW100000
LifeFitness – 97T_TWY100000
LifeFitness – CLST_CLL100000_Integrity
LifeFitness – T9e_TTR100000
LifeFitness – T9i_TTQ100000
LifeFitness – T9i_TTX100000
LifeFitness – TR_Classic_CLT100000

Part #: AK65-00071-0007/GK58-00002-0118
Model: A080-92343-0000
It’s OEM now not aftermarket!!!
Please check compatibility options in description.


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