Cybex Remanufactured Cyclone 530c Upright Bike


For individuals who demand uncompromising results, only the Cybex Cyclone series will satisfy the need. These bikes(both upright and recumbent) have three modes of resistance – the only bikes in the marketplace with this type of versatility. With an incredibly broad resistance range (from 15 to 900 watts), the Cybex bikes are perfect for new users, general fitness enthusiasts, and high performance training. Heavy duty commercial upright bike offers versatility for any environment. The Cyclone upright and recumbent bikes are the ultimate in both performance and durability. Many Cybex customers say Cyclone bikes are one of their most popular machines but, despite heavy use, they have never required a maintenance call. And … despite the fact that users vary in size, weight, and fitness goals … only one bike will give them the entire workout they are in search of … the Cybex Cyclone. We call it commercial, but the sleek look makes the Cyclone cycle a favorite in hotels and home gyms as well. Why Buy Remanufactured Gym Equipment? Remanufactured equipment provides an affordable and increasingly popular way to develop new commercial and home fitness centers. It also provides an excellent way to toughen existing centers as well. The Remanufacturing Process After an order is placed, it enters our 2-6 week remanufacturing process.All through this process, our certified technicians strip and rebuild the machine, replacing any parts which do not meet our production standards.Machines are then restored cosmetically, receiving new overlays, paint, and stickers as needed.Following the remanufacturing process, machines are individually tested before they are released for shipping. The bike is taken apart and receives a new chain, drive belt, and hardware/clips as needed. Once the bike is put back together, it’ll be cleaned, painted and polished. MPN – cx530c


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